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Product name : Spindless Lathe with Build-in Clipper BXQ(J)1827/5B
Item : BXQ(J)1827/5B
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According to working log diameter capacity,peeling speed,peeling sizes,there are models as below for choice,
which one suitable u,freeling free write to us 

BXQ(J)1827/5B SL(J)3300/5B
BXQ(J)1820/5B SL(J)2600/5B  
BXQ(J)1813/5B SL(J)2000/5B  
BXQ(J)1827/3B SL(J)1350/5B  
BXQ(J)1820/3B SL(J)2600/3B
BXQ(J)1813/3B SL(J)2000/3B
BXQ(J)1827/3F SL(J)1350/3B

8ft CNC Spindless Peeler with Build-in Clipper BXQ(J)1827/5B;

Mitsubishi CNC system;Drive with gear system;

Max rotary peeling log length 2650mm

Max rotary peeling log diameter 490mm

Peeling veneer thickness 0.5-3mm

Veneer peeling speed 50m/min

Motor power 46.2kw

(Drive rollers motor 30kw;

Feeding motor power 11kw;

Anvil roller dia.1.5kw

Hydraulic oil pump motor 1.5kw)

Dimension size 5.2x2.3x1.7m;

Weight 11,000kg ;

Steps about how to change veneer peeling thickness of BXQ(J)1827/5B
Return ZERO Position is important before machine working,must correct the location,return zero; (every time start to
running machine need to do this,and make sure the light of RETURN ZERO be lighting status)
Once Baffle plate near to Photo switch,stop moving; press the button RETURN ZERO,the Baffle plate will automatic
move to Photo switch and then stop, at the moment RETURN ZERO is lighting,after this ,this light keep lighting. That
means machine be ok, and fine, start working from ZERO POINT.........

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