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Product name : BQK1913/4 Spindle&Spindless Combined Rotary Lathe
Item : BQK19
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Spindle and spindless combined rotary lathe,using CNC technology to automatic control lathe's cutting processing data, automatic adjust the tool's rear angle, rotary cutting with linear constant speed, the tool cartriage feed and tool apeture can automatically adjust during movement of machine's servo motors, cutting process smoothly and processing quality stability.

Veneer cutting speed 90 M/MIN

Double-roll feed servo motor 7.5KW

cutting log length 1000~1350mm

Tool aperture servo motor 3.7KW

chuck diameter 95mm

Clamping rotation servo motor 5.5KW

Max. cutting diameter 400mm

Centering motor 3KW

cutting diameter 40mm

Clamping travel servo motor 3KW

Cutting thickness of veneer 0.35-3mm

Feed-in motor 1.5KW

spindle speed 0—200rpm

Conveyer motor 4KW

chuck motor 15KW

Hydraulic station motor 4KW

single-roll motor 15KW

Total power 77.6KW

Double-roll motor 8KW

weight 22T

Tool cartridge feed servo motor 7.5KW

Overall sizes 12580×5760×3350(mm)

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